Best of South the Red Sea

This Tour best for it to be arranged from and back to Marsa Allam or Hamata Marine ports, as we going to spend the whole tour by the Egyptian Sudanese Borders diving the amazing St. John’s tropical reef system and the isolated Rocky Island and Zabargad Island where reef sharks, Manta’s, massive size of groupers, napoleons and much more of protected marine life and environment to enjoy along your tour.

There is astonishing magical underwater topography with a combination of long aged soft and hard corals. As finger corals and Table corals are unique and colorful.

And amazing land escape views throughout your tour.

And it’s a warm waters area all year around as the minimum water temp would reach in winter is 18 degree’s, 5 mm wet suit should do you very well for max 1 hour dive.

We could be ending our tour by visiting the spinner dolphin’s heaven (Satayeh reef) at your request at booking ( It requires special permissions ) or enjoy some of Marsa Allam dive sites in the first and last days of your tour. It easily arranged as 1 week tour or best to book 2 weeks to spend more time in the south red sea area to discover amazing unique dive sites that are rarely dived because of its remoteness.  All subject to your booking request and Motor Yacht scheduled availability. 

Must be advanced open water diver with good bouncy and air consumption to participate in all tour dive sites / Open water can join but not participating in all dives, Only those dives that fits their level and experience for their safety. It’s also Known as Awesome Diving Destination for Tech Divers.

For Awesome Offers for 2021;

Request Booking awesome Full Charter week for Your Group of 18 till 26 divers. or choose an awesome discounted two weeks best of south the red sea from awesome red sea, for 2021. Limited time offers , ends 30th of March 2021. 

Or Request availability for Individual or group Booking. To receive offers to Join a Group in our 2021 full charter trips that have availability or on one of our opened for individual and group booking offers and make new friends that enjoys same activities and same life style  …

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