Day Use and Over Night Boats

The presented 2 Boats are an Example of the design and standard you going to receive, we provide all sizes of motor yachts and speed boats based on your request. What makes us different, we are in the market all year around, we check the boats before your arrival and choose best maintained and well fits  your desired description and activity needs. We guarantee best quality of boat, service, and professionalism in guiding and operation for fair prices.

We provide you with the well maintained and reliable boats to enjoy a day use or Over Night in the near shore line destinations of Hurghada, El Gouna and Safaga.

You Can Hire it per Day Use from morning till afternoon or spend the night outside in the sea and back next day in the morning or hire it per 24 hours for as many days as you desire. It’s suitable for Families, small group of friends and surely perfect for a private vacation for couples to enjoy remote soft sandy Islands, dinner with candles with soft music and sky full of starts (An Awesome Romantic Over Night stay) and snorkel, dive or kite none crowded plays grounds.

We arrange every thing for you before your arrival, all transfers, catering, guiding and permissions for the activities, as well we can help you with Equipment Hire, Air tickets and Hotel stay through affiliates that provides us with best rates and highest quality.

All Day Use and Over Nights Boats only licensed to sail in the Northern part of the Red Sea (Hurghada / El Gouna / Abu Nuhas / Safaga) Only. And it’s aimed for small groups, also for those newbie scuba divers from open water level with only few dives logged, who would like to experience and start the road to the Liveaboards diving life style, by trying first; The near shore line diving destinations with small group of friends in small Liveaboards as mini safari for 3 days where you get to swim or dive with dolphins and experience some drop off walls and view some wrecks. Before going Big Liveaboards for Marine Park destinations with Advance open water level of certification! Where you get to dive with sharks and travel in harsh sea conditions but Awesome Adventures!

Start planning today your tomorrow adventure , Fill a Request Booking form and tell us what your dream Liveaboards vacation and we will help you in arrangements, For a Trip;

As Awesome As It Can Get!

We Are Open and Active in 2021.