Horse Ride

The British Horse stable for horse riding and courses

(Owned and managed by British citizen)


Charlotte grew up with ponies and horses in the South West of England. She was a member of the UK Pony Club for many years and competed in a variety of events. Since coming to live in Hurghada 15 years ago, she has been running stables here and having a lot of fun introducing visitors to her beautiful Egyptian horses and the pleasures of riding in the desert and the Red Sea


Horse Ride Excursions

1) A 2 hour ride down to the beach to take the horses in the sea.( in the morning in winter, in the evening for sunset in the summer) . 50 U.S $ includes transfers

2) A 2 hour ride out into the open desert to catch the sunset over the mountains.( the desert trip can be done at any time of day in winter. ). 50 U.S $ includes transfers

3) A 3 hour ride to include open desert and the beach. 65 U.S $ includes transfers

4) A half day trip to drink tea with some locals who are making a small area of desert green. 75 U.S $ includes transfers

5 ) A full day trip to the mountains or the far beach with food and drink provided. A visit to the Bedouins . For more advanced riders. 95 U.S $ includes transfers

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