Gulf Of Aqaba Tour

This Destination is one of the most fascinating designed diving tours that we pride to provide, despite how hard to issue it’s permissions but we insist in adding it to our tours for its unique dive sites and completed with our previous experience in diving the area, the tour can start and end from Hurghada or can be arranged from and back to Sharm el sheikh.

We will be diving some of the most famous dive sites as Ras Mohamed protectorate, straights of Tiran Island, Gabbier El bent, Dahab dive sites as the famous blue hole and the protectorate of Ras Abu Galoom northern of Dahab.

Many of these sites are remote areas and rarely dived along the year which makes it full of rich marine life and coral gardens, especially that it protected by law and enforced by the cost guards.

We will explore amazing underwater topography as drop offs, channels, canyons and colorful coral gardens, Additional to a fascinating marine life.

Sailing through the water channel for the Gulf of Aqaba is just in itself a ferry tale experience. As the colorful granite stone mountains of Sinai Peninsula and Saudi Arabia are on both right and left side along the way, in and out from the gulf. With the regular warm weather and sun shine and minimum 16 degree of water temp in winter makes this destination an all year around destination. For world wide expeditionary lovers and those who are looking for unique destination, different than the rest of the remote marine park destinations in the red sea…

Ras Abu Galoom also a fantastic area for Kite surfers who are in the look for maximum relaxation and heaven play ground away from the crowd with awesome mountain and sea view along the day…

Must be advanced open water diver or above level of certification with a good bouncy and air consumption to participate in all tour dive sites / Open water can join but not participating in all dives.

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