Hammer Head

(20 Divers/Kite Surfers)

MY Hammer Head is one of Awesome Red Sea pride to hire and Dive operation manage On, she is a Motor Yacht Designed to Have A Wide Sea View from Salon, Dining Room and Smooth Sails to Deep Marine Parks Destinations because of its unique modern design of structure.

Motor Yacht Description and Details

The Yacht is Equipped for Diving Safari and Leisure Private Trips, The Yacht started its Operation in March 2017. It is perfectly designed to meet diver’s needs and requirements during Itinerary, to ensure an outstanding and unique experience, As Awesome As It Can Get !. The Yacht is a 32-meter of length, with four decks and 10 double cabins. The Beauty is equipped with 2 water desalination machines with producing capacity of 6 Tonnage per 24 hours storage in stainless steel Tanks. Also, it has Fresh Water Tanks with capacity of 8 Tonnage. HH has Water Heater Tank with capacity 180 Liters that service every one on board comfortably. Hammer Head I, has a Central Air Condition System to easily covers all the boat closed interior area’s.

Scuba Diving Gear Deck

The second deck in the outside area designed to serve 20 divers scuba gears and 2 Guides. The slots are comfort and cozy for a group of 20, so divers can install, check, fix, and use their scuba diving gear in a friendly atmosphere, This area is looked after to ensure that divers can move around safely, comfortably and freely. As Owners Originally are professional Divers.

Living and Dining Area

Awesome design with panoramic sea view from within the living and dining area’s. This spacious comfy dining and living room area with no doubt is extremely comfortable and cozy for a group of 20. The interior design is modern with harmonized relaxing colors. the lighting system was designed to show the interior design architecture and details. The living area couches are very comfortable and it’s placed facing each other to guarantee a perfect panoramic Sea view from all seating angles for all guests. The dining area has an outstanding panoramic view in which the diver experience is doubled as they can enjoy their delicious meals while looking at a clear and peaceful Sea view. It’s one of the unique rare design as described for a motor yacht in the red sea that Awesome Red Sea proud to hire and operate its own liveaboard itineraries to sail’s to remote islands and deep-sea safari destinations in Luxury , Leisure , comfort and safety.

Fly Deck and Sun Deck

The divers gather most of the time to enjoy the sea breeze and fresh air by the Sun Deck or to get a tan by the Fly deck. These areas are designed to perfectly accommodate all divers aboard during any given time. The third deck (Sun Deck) has comfortable couches and bright colored bean bags while the Fly sun deck (Fourth deck) has huge comfortable couches, cushions and pillows so divers can enjoy a significant tanning experience or Sleep under a Sky full of stars.


It is divided into 8 standard 2 bed set and 2 master cabins with queen size beds. 6 cabins allocate in the first deck while the other 4 allocated in the third deck. All cabins are tailored and designed to guarantee divers privacy, comfort and relaxing accommodation. The interior design of the cabins has been carefully selected with full attention to details in terms of space and practical usages.
All cabins are air conditioned with a separate controlling button to switch off or on the air condition and to control cool air flow. The cabins are considered as one of the simple beauty and cozy cabins in the Red Sea comparing to other similar size of motor yachts.

More deep yacht description and specifications:


2 MAN engines with 680 Hours Power (HP) per each


1 Generator Perkins 115 KW / 1 Generator Iveco 60 KW


2 Zodiac 5.2 m each with 40 HP Yamaha out board motor each
1 Extra 25 HP Yamaha out board motor, on board as spare.

Fuel Tanks

10 Tonnages of Fuel Tank

Air Compressors

2 Air Compressors (power k15, k14)

1 Nitrox Compressor

Central Air condition

It has very well prepared Emergency First Respond (EFR) box

It has pure Oxygen provider tank

Safety Equipment

2 Life Jackets in every cabin It has 2 life rafts with capacity 20 persons for each

Fire Extinguish System

Smoke Detector System

Communication and Navigation system

HH is fully prepared to sail safely, it has a Radar, GPS and VHF Radio.

Open For Group and Full Charter Booking 2021

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