Hammer Head II

(32 Divers/Kite Surfers)

The M/Y Hammer Head II is a 45-meter Motor Yacht with five decks and 16 double cabins for guests which carries Total of 32 Guests, Additional to 2 Cabins for dive guides and 4 cabins for crew. This Beauty is equipped by 2 water desalination machines with producing capacity 7 cubic meters per day each, Also, it has 2 Fresh Water Tanks with capacity of 8 Tonnage each. The Yacht have 2 Water Heater Tank with capacity 180 Liter each which perfect to supply every body on board with hot water all times . And one big sea air-conditioning system contains two Central Air Condition System with capacity 75 horsepower for great cool air supply covering all yacht interior. It also has a room with two washing machine and dryer, if you missing doing your laundry!We have laundry service on Board.

The Living Room Area

With a Unique panoramic Sea View from inside, with no doubt is an extremely social and cozy meeting point for Every one during the Tour. The interior design of this area is distinctively modern with harmonized relaxing Colors. The lighting system was designed to show the interior design architecture and details for comfy relaxing Nights. The living area couches are genuine leather for maximum comfortable lay down, it is placed carefully to Guarantee a perfect panoramic Sea view from all seating angles

Dining Area

Is right next to the living room area providing an outstanding panoramic sea view in which the guests experience is doubled, as; they can enjoy their delicious meals while looking at a clear and peaceful Sea view and Relax after it with the same joyful view. Living Like sharks!

Sun Deck Area

Where our guests are usually enjoys the sea breeze and fresh air and good noon nap. The areas are designed to perfectly accommodate all Guests during any time of the day. The third deck has comfortable leather couches while the fly deck (Fourth deck) has spacious comfortable couches, cushions and pillows so guests can enjoy a significant tanning experience.

And In order to complete the Leisure and Luxury Experience aboard HH II, It has a Jacuzzi for those whom wants some extra relaxation when Yacht is standing stable or in calm sea conditions ( Closed if Number of Guest is full to comply with the Covid safety rules ). Also, there is a mini bar and bathroom to serve guests while they are indulged in the sun deck pleasure sessions.


Are divided into 8 standard cabins allocate in the first deck with 2 more cabins for guides, while the other 8 allocated in the third deck 2 of them are master rooms with also panoramic sea view in the front area and the other 6 cabins are having one big bed 160 cm and one bed 100 cm , so it can work with couples or single guests . All cabins are tailored and designed to guarantee guests privacy, comfort and a relaxing accommodation.

The Cabins interior Design are chosen to be selected carefully with full attention to simple relaxing colors and details in terms of space ,vision comfort and practical usages. All cabins are air conditioned with a separate controlling button to switch off or on and to control cool air flow. The cabins are considered as one of the biggest in the Red Sea compared to other 44 meter Motor Yachts.

Scuba Diving Gear Deck

The second deck includes 36 slots for diver scuba diving gear or kite surfing equipment. The slots are significantly large, so divers can install, check, fix, and use their scuba diving gear or kite boards comfortably. This area is well designed to ensure that divers or kite surfers can move around safely, comfortably and freely in safe spacious space. Also, it has two equipped bathrooms for  guest only. Their are as well electrical sockets for charging your torches and safe place to keep on your diving computer. 

Motor Yacht Specifications

Hammer Head II Mechanism


2 MAN Marine engines with 1400 HP each.


2 Generators 270 KW each.

2 speed boats 6.5 m of length each with 85 hp Yamaha motor each.

1 Extra Zodiac 25 Yamaha motor on board for emergency.

20 Tonnage Fuel Tanks

2 Air Compressors (power k15)

1 Nitrox Compressor

Hammer Head II Safety Equipment

It has very well prepared Emergency First Response (EFR) box.

It has pure Oxygen provider tank.

It has 3 life rafts with capacity 20 persons for each.

Fire Extinguisher System.

Navigation System

The Yacht has a Radar, GPS and VHF Radio

Licensed For All  

Marine Park Destinations

Open For Group and Full Charter Booking 2021

On Offer for Early Full Charter Bookings And Some Individual and Group Booking Availability

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