North of the Red Sea Tour

North Red Sea Tour is a unique famous itinerary that has a lot to offer for all level of scuba divers and none divers alike.

In the North Tour you can discover the most fascinating Historical wrecks in the Red Sea, As; Abu Nuhas Wrecks, Thistlegorm and Rosalie Muller.

And a high of a chance to come face to face with bottle nose dolphins during your dive or even snorkel in Gotta Abu Nuhas or Shoab El Erg Dive sites and get an amazing face to face experience with dolphins.

North Red Sea Tour is the right choice if you love wrecks, dolphins and don’t want to go for long deep high waves rides as you might be facing in south tours. Additional to different topographical dive sites and marine species .And all the common Red Sea reef fish with a higher chance of daily night dives than in south tour, to discover unique night creatures scrolling out from the reef on the sea bottom, As Spanish dancers, sea fans, shells, crabs and shrimps are commonly seen in the area at night dives…

This tour we can arrange from Hurghada back to Hurghada or from Sharm El Sheikh and back to Sharm El sheikh and it carries some of the most famous historical wrecks in the red sea as Thistlegorm and Rosalie Muller from WWII and the 4 Wrecks of Abu Nuhas. Additional to The famous Ras Mohammed protectorate with its fantastic drop off and The Yolanda wreck next to a massive fish population and the famous Dolphin house of Shoab El Erg where high chance to dive and snorkel with bottle nose dolphins…

Must be advanced open water diver with good bouncy and air consumption to participate in all tour dive sites / Open water can join but not participating in all dives.

This route available as well for Kite Surfers, to enjoy the Sandy Island of Towal and other locations that are good for safe and out of the crowd play grounds for kites

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