North and Brothers Islands

In this tour you can combine two of the most awesome destinations together in one week . To dive the high lighted dive sites only, for each destination. Either you starting from Hurghada and return to Hurghada or Marsa Allam or the other way around which starting Marsa Allam ending Hurghada, or from and back to Sharm El sheikh. Depending on your booking status and Your Desired Motor Yacht Scheduled Availability.  

Depending in your start and ending port , the tour sequence of dive sites will change, If You Going from Sharm El Sheikh or Hurghada , You’ll start with check dive in North and do couple days more in north, Or Sailing direct to Brothers Islands after first 2 dives in North the Red Sea, In the first day of the tour. and do The North Tour in the way back instead of the start of the tour .

Same thing will happens if you start from south port as Marsa Allam, You will do your first check dive and maximum 2 more dives in Marsa Allam than sail to Brothers Islands to dive for two days, than doing north tour and ending our tour in Hurghada harbor. Not Recommended doing back and force from Marsa Allam as the long distance between the 2 diving destinations and Marsa Allam ports will result in higher supplement fees and may force cancellation of one or 2 dives of the first or last day diving for covering longer sailing time to reach our highlighted dive sites and major scheduled dives  . 

We will be diving the Famous Brother Islands which It has one of the most fascinating drops off walls in the red sea that suitable for recreational divers and technical divers alike.

The Brother Islands are famous with site seeing of Oceanic white tip sharks, reef sharks, Thresher sharks additional to groups of tuna and barracuda.

The Big Brother Island is also famous with two wrecks Numidia and Aida. and the small brother island is famous with a fascinating Gorgonian Garden.

Brother Islands have an amazing hard and soft corals structure that decorating it’s drop off wall along your dive next to thousands of antheas fishes and the common red sea reef fishes.

Also we will be diving in the North of the Red Sea the historical Thistlegorm wreck and Rosalie Muller wreck or Marine Protectorate of Ras Mohamed or Abu Nuhas Historical Wrecks. All depends on your request and sea conditions.

Must be advanced open water diver with good bouncy and air consumption to participate in all tour dive sites / Open water can join but not participating in all dives, Only those dives that fits their level and experience for their safety.

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