Ras Shetan

Devil Head!

Ras Shetan Located north of the town of Nuweiba on the east cost of Sinai by the warm and calm water of the Gulf of Aqaba. It takes about 30 minutes’ drive and is one of the best known dive sites in the area. This is a Bedouin Eco Camp that provides clean amenities and accommodation.

The southern side of the reef starts at 12 meters of depth reef plateau covered by an incredible variety of hard corals and Soft Corals, By the Edge of the plateau starts a fascinating drop off reef wall down to a depth of 40 meters into a canyon; it inhabits octopus, puffer fish and moon groupers.

After our surface interval we start the second dive on the northern side of the reef which reveals a completely different topography, We descend over a patch of sea grass and a beautiful coral garden looms in front of us. The table corals are impressive ranging in size from a few centimeters to 3 meters in diameter. Along with various colorful hard and soft corals and a home too many species as the very brightly colored Lemon Goby and the Blue Green Puller.