Shore line Destinations

Shore line Destinations

With a variety of over 50 dive sites to choose from for all levels of Scuba Divers, additional to designated safe area’s for swimmers and snorkelers to enjoy the tour as well.

Other activities as wind surf and kite surf has also designated safe Sandy Islands away from the crowded hotel beaches for an Example, Towal Island and Magawish Island to enjoy an ultimate safe Adventure.

All along the red sea shore line within short sailing distance there are Many dive sites that offers drop off walls, fascinating pinnacles, coral Gardens with colorful soft and hard corals, additional to unique Marine life in every and each dive site next to the common red sea Marine life. The Red Sea has more than 800 species only found in The Red Sea

Also there are many wrecks to discover along your shore line Tours, Whale sharks, Sea Cows and Dolphins are easily spotted starts from May till December…

These tours are also suitable for families with kids or elderly as all Tours Can easily be managed to stay in a protected area from high wind gust and strong waves, we can arrange it on one of our small liveaboards motor yachts for several activities that fits every member desire. To choose scuba diving or try dive, additional to designated safe areas for swimmers and snorkelers to enjoy the tour as well.

For all certificate levels of scuba divers and as well none divers alike.
Couples, family, small group or big group, You can book it as Day Use or per 24 hours for as many days as you wish…

Hurghada Zone

Hurghada Zone This tour can be made on Both Big Group Liveaboards or Small over Night Boats .For 1 Day or

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