St. Johns Tropical Reef system

This Tour is another unique tour the Red Sea offers, Awesome variety of underwater topography as canyons, caves, pinnacles and drop offs and massive marine life, It has strong sea currents some times and rough weather but we always manage to do all high lighted best dives, we may only change the sequence of dives, All dive sites in our destination within short distance sail from each other and that makes it a relaxing tour as well. 1 to 2 Night dives are permitted along the week we spend total of 3 to 4 days scuba the magnificent tropical reef system dive sites that carries amazing marine species and Coral foundation.

We manage the tour for you From Hamata or Marsa Allam or Could be done from Hurghada but not recommending it , as the long distance between the destination and Hurghada is high distance and that will result in Higher cost and loss of 1 dive or two because of the long sailing hours. In the tour could be diving the Fury Shoal Area where known by awesome caves and Canyons dive sites, also could do some of the valley of the Camels dive sites in the tour and ending with Elphinstone Reef in Marsa Allam.

 In Case your booking is from Hurghada; In the way to St. Johns area from Hurghada there are over 20 accessible dive sites, with a variety of different underwater topography dive sites that carries channels, drop off walls, caves, pinnacles and healthy old aged coral gardens, Additional to colorful soft corals and massive marine life of all what the red sea has to offer, As we can dive Safaga and Marsa Allam in the way to go or back and we will have to spend only Maximum 2 days in st.Johns. While if you do from Marsa Allam or Hamata you can spend up to 4 days comfortably. Also booking can depends on Yachts marine ports availability, if you booking only one week full charter, In case of 2 and more weeks of charter, arrangements can be made to fit your desired port to departure and arrival on.

St. Johns Tropical Reef system is one of the most reserved reef systems in the world, as also it’s not dived often along the year by recreational and technical divers, as well companies and local guides adhere with the red sea protectorate standards to conserve the reef and the marine life, as many other destinations. As most workers understands the importance of conservation and adheres to the laws.

Also being a remote area in the Egyptian Sudanese boarders makes it not accessible other by Liveaboards diving motor yachts and it’s also seasonal visited, not all year around heavy negative impact from diver’s population on the reef and the marine life. Which do gives the reef and the marine life the vast protection to survive damages could result from massive amount of none experienced divers and motor yacht presence.

St. Johns Tropical Reef System is famous by Oceanic white tip sharks, Manta Rays, Reef Sharks, Tuna, Blue spotted sting Rays, Murray’s and massive amount of reef fishes as chocolate dip and antheas fishes, also groups of goat fishes, Big eye emperor, unicorn fish and lunar fusilier hangs all around the reef of many dive sites. Additional to all other commonly known marine specious inhabits the red sea as Octopuses, pipe fishes, stone and scorpion fishes.

Also, in some other dive sites you’ll see massive amounts of red eye trigger fishes spread all over the place. Barracuda’s is also a high light in this area in the area, as massive size ones can be spotted in groups or individually hanging beneath the yacht looking for a prey while facing the current. A number one wild marine life destination, That must visited at least once in a life time.

Must be advanced open water diver with good bouncy and air consumption to participate in all tour dive sites / Open water can join but not participating in all dives, Only those dives that fits their level and experience for their safety.

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