The Brothers Islands

This tour we arrange from Hurghada Back to Hurghada or from and back to Safaga or Marsa Allam, Depending on the Yacht schedule additional to your request. It’s the ultimate adventure for advanced scuba divers with minimum 50 logged dives as the brother’s islands are an isolated island in the middle of the red sea as far as from shore line 10 to 12 hours of sailing, about 60 marine miles off shore line. Which possible facing harsh sea conditions and requires experienced divers.

It has one of the most fascinating drops off walls in the red sea and the world, that suitable for recreational divers and technical divers alike.

The brother islands are famous with site seeing of Oceanic white tip sharks, reef sharks, Thresher sharks additional to groups of tuna and barracuda and unicorn fish.

The Big Brother Island is also famous with two wrecks Numidia and Aida and the small brother island is famous with a fascinating Gorgonian Garden.

Bother Islands have an amazing hard and soft corals structure that decorating its drop off wall along your dive next to thousands of antheas fish and the common red sea reef fishes.

In this trip we also can discover the fantastic and famous Elphinstone reef in Marsa Allam, where are high chances for site seeing of Oceanic white tip reef sharks, Hammer heads and tiger or whale shark and manta ray. Adding this dive is Subject to your Arrival or departure marine port , must be Marsa Allam. You can request this dive to be included in your itinerary destination and we will arrange it for you to be included. 

We possible also to dive in our way back in Marsa Shauna in Marsa Allam where we are going to expose to the Green Giant sea Turtles, Dugong (Manatees) and high chance of having bottle nose dolphins playing around us during the dive, where also scorpion fish and crocodile fish can be spotted…

Must be advanced open water diver with good bouncy and air consumption to participate in all tour dive sites / Open water can join but not participating in all dives, Only those dives that fits their level and experience for their safety.

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