Who Is Awesome Red Sea!?

The Company established in October 2016 with registered activities.

*Building and Start up & Management of Motor Yachts Marina’s and Motor Yachts and Dive Centers.

*Motor Yacht Buy and sell Management.

*Organization of Dessert Trips and all its related Activities as 4×4, Camel & horse riding and camping…

We offer scuba diving, Snorkeling, wind surf, kite surf and water sports activities aboard our promoted Motor Yachts. All our promoted motor yachts are licensed for the activities we provide and we make sure it’s equipped for the purpose we hiring and Our Events are mixture of fun and adventures in Both Motor Yachts and Desert Safari in Remote prestige areas.

As well; we cater and host small wedding, corporate meetings and group parties aboard our promoted motor yachts Or A Unique Eco Honey Moon where You feel the Real Human Old Nature, where life on Candles and Beach fire and all day relaxation by a remote un crowded soft sandy Beach and explore the environment that full of amazing un harmful creatures as crabs crawling out of their holes at Night crawling for food or mating or just fun hang around, enjoy swimming with dolphins and watch the stars or full moon all night on soft Music and Awesome Service.

We Specialized in Luxuries Accommodations and services that make us unique among others. But we also offer on budget clean motor yachts or even Huts by the beach to suite all tastes of Live aboard vacationers.

We specialized of organizing a special tailor-made designed trip that satisfies your imaginations for your dream trip and your fellow travelers in the Magical Red Sea…

We advise and help creating a special trip for families, small or large groups that combine the activities of all members…

(Swimming, snorkeling, water sliding toys, scuba diving, kite surf and wind surf, DJ PARTY TRIP, light regulated and permitted sustainable fishing that does not impact the marine life and adheres to the environmental laws).

We as well offer events and provide at request courses in Scuba diving, Wind surf and Kite surf in recreational facilities that affiliate with us and with well experienced instructors.

We are the designers of awesome red sea Sinai special programs in our sub domain for desert safari and proudly we are the only providers for these specially designed tours for divers and none divers alike to enjoy the magical Sinai Peninsula and the fascinating Eco beaches of the Gulf of Aqaba in a week-long trip.

To know more, log to our sub domain Awesome Desert Excursions.

*****In 2019 Awesome Red Sea added new activity to the Company which is Real Estate agency and project management.

We offer a variety of secured investment opportunities in tourism, Specialized in Motor yachts, Hotels, Shopping Malls and Luxurious Residential Compounds.

To read more about our awesome investment offers, Log to our Sub Domain Awesome Real Estate.

To define the real feeling of the word Awesome, you must try Awesome Red Sea!

Adel Abdelwahab

Owner and Manager

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Awesome Red Sea

As Awesome As It Can Get!