Why Awesome Red Sea!?

We are a Full charter company and Maritime specialists, with 14 years of experience in the Live aboard Diving Operation and Guiding.

The knowledge and the experience we gained made us have full understanding of the yacht foundation, in structure and its Machinery liability for operating specific destinations or in a harsh sea conditions area.

It’s a major safety factor that should be always taken seriously for anyone planning to go a week long out in the Sea.

We do inspect the yacht facilities and its machinery status before our guest arrival as we are operating and residents in Hurghada, Red Sea.

And we are in the market all year around.

As a yacht charter operator and activity provider with long previous Experience in the water sports activities which we are providing, especially scuba diving.

Makes us have the full knowledge of all equipment needs and all requirements needed to achieve successful trip.

Or requirements made by our guests. We process availability for our clients of their desired charter; we process Easy and safe online booking procedures. Additional To a variety of Awesome Unique Designed Remote Destinations, Designed by Us and only us provides it, for all levels of divers or Kite surfers and keeping always safety standards active for the activities provided to assure safe heaven for our guests. We Comply with Covid Safety Regulations and in general we love being away from the crowd!

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We Help You Planning Your Dream Tailor-Made Itinerary

Once you have chosen your charter level, the next step is to start making your dream vacation into a reality by planning your tailor-made itinerary.

We will offer our own suggestions from our previous experience and information collected from you about you and your group, but your own preferences are crucial to getting the most out of your vacation as possible.

Whether cruising the coastlines of the red sea or heading to a remote marine park destination there are endless possibilities for traveling in style.

Or the interest in seeing a specific marine species Browse our Motor Yachts Destinations and sample itineraries to get some ideas of where to go and what fits your activity needs before you go there, And keep in mind we always here to assist you Contact Us.


Our Commitment to the Environment and the Marine Life 

There are much off negative effects has been put on the marine life and the environment over the past 25 + years. That made us to put on consideration Eco traveling & conservation encouragement and give educational briefs and efforts. As well the importance and values that requires us to care about the environment and the marine life.

Our Events urge travelers to go back to the old fashion ways of traveling in the area, by designed our week-long programs to include hiking, camping, Camel and horse riding combined in our week-long events and minimize the use of machinery: Sinai Remote Adventure for Certified Divers.


We help you Choosing a Yacht and Promote Your Own Event!

With an awesomely unique selection of spectacular motor yachts available in our web site Home page, some offering an array of luxurious amenities, accommodation, sauna, Jacuzzi and recreational water toys, you will need to consider what type and size of boat to charter and also the activities you intend to experience whilst you and your group are on board. Explore by browsing our Home page, and look permitted destinations availability for each Yacht, view our offers and events.

Explore the Yacht facilities to get a feel for what is suitable to your needs and activities. Decide what you want to do, going on budget mini safari or an extreme luxury and leisure scuba diving or snorkel or kite surf voyage aboard a New and Luxury Motor Yacht. Experience the essence of the sea on a cozy Jacuzzi and Sauna and a bottle of sparkling Champaign in the evening.

*We Even can help you find your group of friends who would be interested in joining you or even create your own event (Go Live aboard Fun week with me and learn new specialty!), and get new friends interested in joining your trip, by posting your trip in our face book group, As well our web site events and offers page, which we market in many social media platforms (Awesome offers for multi-specialty instructors with previous made events and wants to plan an event in the red sea) Contact Us.

Even if you not a diver, we still can help you arrange hosting a family live aboard vacation away from the crowd or even corporate event (We help you create the event and give you a link to share with specific persons for them to view and get quick answers to whom going to join you).

Spice your event with light activities as snorkel, Try Dive; swim, DJ and B.B.Q on board and chill on sandy islands, there are a variety of fantastic options open to you.

You will also need to decide who will be joining you in regards to the number and arrangement of staterooms (Cabins) that is required, and we also make sure everyone’s needs are met before arrival.

Awesome Red Sea Support team is always there to support you with answering all your questions and organizing the right voyage with you for you…


We help you with a Preferences Form for your charter

Once you contact us and has been confirmed your booking of a motor yacht and the activities you want to be provided and the level of service.

We do issue for you a preference sheet which is to be completed and returned in advance of your vacation.

It is a form detailing everything from travel reservations info, food and preferences menu, guest list of any medical issues that allows us, as operators, guides and crew to be fully prepared and aware to meet your exact requirements.

We will make sure that we take action to book any required services, arrange activities, and order specific foods or beverages and brief crew for your needs of services.

It is this type of awesome service that makes a vacation with awesome red sea unsurpassed masterpiece in motor yacht chartering, activities services and comfort …

You are assured to save time and stress by using an experienced, charter operator and activity provider as Awesome Red Sea, to book your coming Live aboard Motor Yacht vacation.


Reasons to Book Through Awesome Red Sea

  • What you viewed and booked are what you get and even more, No Hustling No bustling! Well Organization and Professionalism.
  • Expert, unbiased advice throughout the process.
  • We visit the yacht and inspect the yachts before arrival and on regular basis.
  • Knowledge of destinations, itineraries and charter yachts whereabouts.
  • We do in-depth research and ask questions regularly or on your behalf.
  • Unsurpassed knowledge of the industry and charter market.
  • Expertise of the necessary legalities for buying or operating a Yacht.
  • In the unlikely event that anything goes wrong, we don’t leave you alone, you are our client and your success, wellbeing and safety is our priority.
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