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MY La Baronessa

( 12 Divers )

MY La Baronessa is built in 2011 as a private yacht for the owner own leisure , it's the only design as is in the red sea .As you can have full view of the sea from the salon and the dinning area . It's all mahogany built motor yacht that can accommodates up to 12 persons for your chosen activities... More>>>

MV New Life

( 18 Divers )

MV New Life is a steel structure vessel built in 2011 for the purpose of deep sea safari scuba diving in the red sea. It's one of only 3 vessels in the red sea that provides a Jacuzzi in the Fly Deck, Additional to comfortable accommodation … More>>>

MY Hammer Head

( 20 Divers )

MY Hammer Head is The only motor yacht designed to have a wide sea view from salon and dining room and sails to marine parks destinations. Motor Yacht description and details. ​​HH is a new luxury live aboard diving safari boat that started its operation in March 2017… More>>>

MY Nouran

( 24 Divers )

MY Nouran is one of the finest Liveaboard in her class. Catering for 24 guests in 12 Spacious and comfy Cabins. Specially designed to meet the needs and comfort of the divers. She offers a spacious air-conditioned lounge, an independent dining area and outdoor relaxation areas offering plenty of space to find your own place out of the crowd as you cruise the Red Sea in style and comfort... More>>>

MY Dolce Vita

( 26 Divers )

MY Dolce Vita is one of the finest motor yachts in the red sea , Owner keeps maintenance and remodeling at high at all times which makes it a reliable and trust worthy of a motor yacht . It has comfy spacious Cabins , Salon and dinning area . With spacious Comfy Sun decks for the ultimate relaxation and fun times ... More>>>

MY Dive One

( 22 Divers )

MY Dive One is one of the reliable standard motor yachts in the red sea , As the owners keep maintenance on regular basis which is an assurance of smooth operation and high quality of service to clients . She has trained experienced Captain and crew which completes its qualifications... More>>>

MY Aphrodite

( 23 Divers )

MY Aphrodite is a modern diving yacht built by divers for divers accommodating up to 23 divers in 11 spacious cabins. 11 double cabins with en-suite bathrooms. Each cabin on  has individually operated air-condition facility, mini-bar, side-by-side beds and music channel... More>>>

MY Odessey

( 26 Divers )

MY Odessey is a new luxury design motor vessel in the red sea and and one of the speediest safari boat in the Red Sea. Modern European design, comfortable cabins, cozy interior, excellent food, outdoor Jacuzzi, massage opportunity, full diving equipment... More>>>

MV Tala

( 22 Divers )

The MV Tala is the Technical diver’s heaven vessel! , It’s a 37 meter steel hulled motor vessel. She caters for 22 guests in her comfortable cabins with en suite bathrooms. The MV Tala is notably seaworthy, capable of reaching speeds of 12 knots. She is a floating diving center... More>>>

MY Sharm Freedom

( 18 Divers )

This cozy motor yacht Sharm Freedom is built in 2010 mainly for scuba diving weekly liveaboard trips in the gulf of Aqaba and Northern red sea. It is well maintained by the owner, Captain and crew on regular bases... More>>>

MV Hero

( 26 Divers )

The MV Hero is a Newly Built Vessel in 2018.
It was built with a Long Timer Experienced Captain in The Red Sea, who has in Mind the comfort for all Divers aboard.
A selected Experienced and professional Crew … More>>>

MY Al Joudey

( 20 Divers / Snorkelers )

MY Al Joudey Is A Standard Motor Yacht That Built Mainly For Scuba Diving Deep Sea Marine Park Destinations. It Can Accommodate Up To 20 Persons/Divers In A Comfy Double Bed Cabins… More>>>

MY Sea Dragon

( 22 Divers )

MY Sea Dragon
has a spacious Salon and Sun deck, as well as equipment area and plate form to serve comfortably 22 guests. It has fully equipped salon for all entertainments and comfy air conditioned. All Cabins are cozy and... More>>>

MY Bohemia

( 22 Divers )

MY Bohemia
This is one of our standard Motor Yachts that has a classic soft design, Owner as a pro diver keeps maintenance at all times, has good standard accommodation and reliable machinery... More>>>

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