Why The Red Sea!?

Why The Red Sea

The Red Sea Is The Most Fascinating Destinations around the World.

There Are Many Reasons Makes the Red Sea Such an Attractive Destination for International Travelers

We Will Describe Few of The Main Reasons For You To Understand What Makes The Red Sea Attractive Destination For The International Travelers.

Despite The Multiple Hard Times of Incidents That Happened In The Past 2 Decades; As Terrorist Attacks In Sharm El Sheikh Or Dahab In 2005 And 2006 Or Political Instability In 2011 Which Was Joined With Mass Media Propaganda For Hidden Agendas Or The Corona Virus Pandemic In 2020.

Egypt and In Particular The Red Sea Proved Stability To Over Come Any Hard Times!

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1st Reason: The Weather

It’s a sun shine almost 360 days out of 365 days a year. About only 5 days of rain annually. Can you believe that!  In Winter the lowest temp is about 18 degree’s in the morning and the worse it gets is about 10 at night.

In summer from June till end of November Air temp range between 30 and 40 degree’s in the morning and 27 to 32 At night which is the perfect weather. Especially when its dry air with breeze of wind, feels like heaven!

2nd Reason: The Wide Variety of Accommodations Level

As Resorts, Hotel’s are mostly 5 star’s. But Their are Various Level of Flat’s, studio’s, Villa’s.Tent,Huts and camping As well are available and Also Living Aboard  A Motor Yacht are Available. And That makes the Red Sea As a Destination Open for all level of Travelers from On Budget To 7 Stars Too.

 3rd Reason: The Easy Flight Access

Going to Hurghada or Sharm el sheikh or Marsa Allam international Airports are as easy to find as Domestic flight in Europe There are direct flight’s from many European countries as Germany and England. And for very affordable Prices, other then in High season (Highly Recommended to book few month before. if you going in High season. To assure best rate).Despite The Corona Pandemic, Flights still can be found from Ukraine, Russia, Switzerland and Turkey.

 4th Reason: The Red Sea Provides Several Water Sport Activities.

As; Scuba Diving considered the # 1 water sport activity in the area and well known as a Divers Heaven for International Divers. The main Reasons that the Water Temp in winter minimum reaches 16 degree’s and in summer, you can dive even in shorts with shirt just on and that’s how warm it gets. Additional to the massive amount of marine Life that carries many species that only to be found in the red sea and the fantastic Topography of the red sea Dive Sites which have a variety of drop offs , sloops , channels and canyons. Next to the famous Site seeing of Historical Wreck’s and the complete pleasure with seeing Sharks, Dolphins, Manta, Turtles and the common red sea reef Fishes and Magical Corals all around you during your dive.

And that’s not only for divers to enjoy but as well snorkelers and swimmers alike or even going on a glass boat or sub marine…

Also Wind and Kite surfing is quite spread here because the red sea have about 200 day’s a year of wind that range between 4 to 15 knot’s of an average wind gust  Other activities as Paragliding, Kayaking and water skiing are found as well…

Additional to sailing, quad ride, 4×4 jeep dessert safari’s that can include Horse and Camel riding and eco camping. It’s as awesome as it can get for a vacationer…

5th Reason: The Night Life 

As in Hurghada, Sharm el sheikh, Dahab or Marsa Allam is incredible and beyond description, as many disco tech’s, Bar’s, Restaurant’s and coffee shops Are open till 2 or even 5 am . .A Variety of Places that fits all budgets and tastes to Enjoy a dream vacation and meet Multinational New friends.

6th Reason: Friendly and Helpful Egyptians

The people are very friendly and welcoming, As well security is well tight, and there never been a terrorist attack in Hurghada or Marsa Allam. Despite all the political unrest that Egypt has been through, Hurghada was number 1 touristy city that was still hosting many foreigners’ workers and travelers and still do until this moment despite the corona pandemic. Majority of Egyptians are Conservative Religious with carrying mode of morals which very helpful when it comes to seeking help or advice.  

7th Reason: Affordable Destination

The Red Sea is the most affordable destination from Europe with all the fun a travelers interests in for all level of budgets; you want the 7 star luxurious accommodations and be treated like a King, you’ll find it. You want a comfy Studio and cater your own food, Also Available.

  As example: Food, cigarettes, transportation and drinks are very cheap; you can have a pack of Marlboro for only 2.5 U.S $, A good Lunch for 2 $, Or A 400gm good Steak for 6 $ or sea food platter with a beer for 8 to 10 U.S $.Having a bus between 10c to 25c.Having a Taxi ranges between 1 dollar to 5 US $.

8th Reason: Safe Traveling 

The Red Sea is Very Safe comparison to many other destinations around the world. Police are at presence every where, people are kind and helpful and have low recorded crime rates, especially in tourist area’s where tight security exists. Walking down the streets any time along the clock is safe but always recommended to ask your guide of your attempts and inform your guide, hotel reception or traveling colleagues by your location any where you travel in the world for your maximum safety.

And That’s What Makes The Red Sea An Awesome Destination

And There Are Much Much More Awaiting You To Discover by Yourself!

Awesome Red Sea Logo

Awesome Red Sea

As Awesome As It Can Get!

Year of built

2011, Under Complete Renovation, Ending 25 of March 2022


Marine Steel Hull , frame and 1st deck . Wooden Interior


38 meter


9. 40 meter


26 Guests and 2 Dive Guides

Guests Accommodation

13 Double Bed Cabins , All Sea View , each with bathroom (shower/WC)+1 For Dive Guides

Air condition

Central Air condition


1 x 100 kW Caterpillar, 1 x 105 Volvo


2 x Caterpillar each 865 HP


Life jackets/2 x Life rafts/Oxygen and First Aide kit / fire extinguishers in every cabin and in salons, firefighting and alarm system, smoke detectors /2 x Rafters each with 40 hp Yamaha out board engine.


1 x dive deck (shower/WC) with platform,
2 x sundeck (The fly deck with Jacuzzi/ Sauna/Massage)


A spacious salon and dining area, air conditioned with LCD TV corner (DVD and sound system) and bar area at the sun deck.


VHF Radio/Radar,/Echo Sounder.


Satellite Telephone, GPS Plotter, National and international Radio

Air Compressors

2 x Bauer Marine


20 Tonnage water Tanks
70 Tonnage Gas Tank
24 / 12 l aluminum-diving tanks DIN/INT

Safe set for B.B.Q and well equipped kitchen

Licensed For ALL

Marine Park Destinations

In The Red Sea