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Awesome Red Sea is a trading name of Awesome Red Sea LLC. Awesome Red Sea Company arranges all the services offered in our web site awesomeredsea.com and any promotional materials presented on our social media posts, pages etc. And request booking to be only made on our SSL certified EU/U.S secured web site, confirm booking online is made by sending you invoice through SSL secured pay pal payment gate way by our web site domain e-mail only accountant@awesomeredsea.com. The following terms and conditions show’s you our commitments as part of your booking. These terms and conditions form the basis of the contract going to be between you and Awesome Red Sea Company…

Your contract with the Company is active once confirmation has given to us of your deposit acceptance in our bank account.

And we will be sending a confirmation by email from Awesome Red Sea Company accountant@awesomeredsea.com or info@awesomeredsea.com only to your given e-mail after booking has been confirmed by us…

These terms and conditions and the booking form will form the entire terms of the contract between the Company and the person making the booking (group leader, operator etc.), who will be deemed to agree to the booking for and on behalf of all other persons named on it. The agreement to the booking by the client will confirm His / Her acceptance of these conditions by all the clients and the parties named on it and as confirmation that the (group leader etc.) has authority to act on behalf of all other persons stated in the contract. This contract shall be governed by the constitution and enforced in accordance with the laws of the Republic Arab of Egypt. Where any question or issue should arise under the agreement or any of its provisions, it shall be decided only in the courts or tribunals of the Republic Arab of Egypt, to the exclusion of any other courts…

Booking procedures and policy:

If you have any queries or wish to make a booking, please E-mail: info@awesomeredsea.com  or Call / what’s app/ Viper apps: +201007476407. Or fill our Contact us .

At Booking You will be asked to pay a deposit of 40% of the total package if date of departure is more than 12 weeks and 75 % of the total package if it less than 12 weeks before your departure date and full price if booking in 8 weeks period before your departure date.

An Invoice will be sent and A contract between us will only become active when we send you a written booking confirmation e-mail stating confirmation of deposit received, Invoice includes our company name and logo on it with same mentioned domain e-mail address awesomeredsea.com. And that’s for booking online with pay pal, credit, and dept or bank wire. Please always assure to keep a prove of payment receipt and to send us a copy once you receive confirmation of your payment to us from your banking service provider.

If you want to make your booking in Hurghada and that only if the booking terms for specific offer accepting that to be made in Hurghada in short period before your trip, example; hiring a yacht for day use 48 hours before trip date. Best practice is to call or what’s app +201007476407 A legal agent will come to you after you requesting in hotel booking when contacting us to provide you with all details and confirm your booking at your hotel lobby. Short time booking made only in cash …

Please note; No one other than the company owner have the right to issue invoice or collect payment in the behalf of the company, Other than assigned agent, whom you’ll receive his name at request Booking. A payment receipt will be given to you and our terms and conditions are our contract with you.  That’s When contract comes into effect, we become responsible to provide you with the holiday Activities or a full package trip that you have booked, and you paid for it in full with the agreed terms and conditions of the company web site terms and conditions page.

It is important that you check carefully the written confirmation when you receive it and that all details are as you requested them. Our obligation is to provide the arrangements you have booked as described on this website and confirmed to you in receipt received. If you wish to change or cancel those arrangements later, you may have to pay an extra supplement or cancellation charge.

In parties of two or more people, the person who actually makes the booking is the person with whom we make the contract with and that person accepts responsibility for making all payments to us for all members of the group. And in this case; we will send all information and any updates to that person alone, who will be responsible for ensuring that all other members of the booked activities, Liveaboards or package are kept fully informed…

At booking with us we also require to provide us with the following information and a form to fill and sign from any individual or group members in advance of participating in our activities and services:

  • Title & Full Name (as it appears on your passport)
  •  Passport Number & Nationality
  • Date of Birth
  • Current Diving Qualification (if it includes the activities)
  • Approximate number of logged dives
  • Equipment Requirements
  • Insurance Policy Number, Provider and Contact Telephone No.
  • In case of Emergency, the Contact person Details
  • Liability release and medical form you can fill and sign before your trip with our representative. Please if our representative asked you to show a valid legal card that it carries your signature as your credit card to approve the accuracy of your signature on papers, please complies with his wishes as it’s an official paper that you should also put in consideration of its seriousness. And that’s why we always recommend to our clients to carry good insurance policy to be at most in safe side and Always advice to adhere with the International Standards and Domestic Regulations for the activity you doing.

Please ensure you have enough validity left on your passport in accordance with the requirements for your holiday in Egypt including the destination.

Information about passport and VISA requirements can be found under the section on our website footer for  Egypt Travel Information  

Payments and cancellation policy:

The total price of the arrangements you have booked can be paid back in full if it complies with our cancellation policy …

  • If you book 12 weeks or more before your scheduled arrival date in Egypt, a deposit of 40% to 50% of the total price per person. Is none refundable if cancellation comes from your side 11 weeks + 6 days +23 hours from your arrival date.  But It can be deposited for a future available date on the same yacht, vessel or same booked program. Additional charges may add up on the old total price, in cases of supplier’s rise their fees or the cost in general has exceeded or booked in different season.
  • If you cancel more than 12 weeks before your scheduled arrival date in Egypt, then 75 % of the full price is payable to you. If you cancel 11 weeks + 6 days +23 hours before your arrival date in Egypt, 50% is payable to you if you paid full charges.
  • If you don’t pay in time or Cancel 10 weeks before your arrival date to Egypt, A cancellation fee of 100 % No Refund will be applied on any deposited amount of money for your booked trip or moved at your request to future different date, if possible , and additional charges may apply on you.
  • The Full charter package, Yacht hire or Events or offers price tag that you chose must be paid in full before your arrival date in Egypt. Failure to do so, Gives Awesome Red Sea Company all the right to terminate your booking and charge you cancellation fee’s. Unless other arrangements have been agreed on with Awesome Support Team (The representatives of Awesome Red Sea Company).  And has been stated on the booking contract which signed by the owner of Awesome Red Sea Company and web site …
  • Cancellation from under 10 weeks period before your Arrival Date, Gives Awesome Red Sea Company All the Right to keep 100 % of your money. Unless Awesome Red Sea Company Owner accepted other arrangements for different dates of your choice and doesn’t cause Awesome Red Sea Company any income lost. However; We want you to keep in mind Awesome Red Sea Owner and AwesomeSupportTeam will always do their best to Support you with solutions to avoid lost in your side as well. Our business strategy to be open minded and think outside of the box to gain our client Satisfaction and gain their loyalty to Awesome Red Sea Company …
  • Also, we can help you with any way that we can to help you cover your lost in cancellation from your insurance if it included in your insurance policy …
  • Please be advised that your booking may be cancelled if you do not make payment on time (and we are not obliged to send reminders) and if you don’t pay in time, cancellation charges as set out under (payment and cancellation policy) will be applied on you. Unless stated differently in your contract …

Any Charges applied by Bank or other method of payment service companies that we use, are paid by you. Unless it’s terminated By Awesome Red Sea Company for specific promoted service that we promote and stated in the booking contract

*To proceed in cancellation of your Holiday with us …
Best to use the following methods…

1) Calling the office on +2 (0) 1007476407

2) Emailing info@awesomeredsea.com

3) Cancellation will take effect from the day this notice is received and receipt will be confirmed in writing via email. The following will apply:

Cancellation fees apply as written in the Payment and cancellation policy section will be calculated with the number of days before your trip/ package starts in Egypt. In the agreed contract that states pick up location, date and time stated on your contract, and on which date notice of cancellation was received by our e-mail system.

If the holiday price depends on the number of persons booked (As group booking) and you wish to change that number of persons, the price will be calculated on the basis of the new party size. Any increase in price per person as a result of part cancellation is not a cancellation charge. It is a price adjustment resulting from the amendment to the number of persons in the group traveling and there given offer. However; Awesome Red Sea will always do our best to help promoting available places in your full charter trip or group package in our last-minute offer and other promotional social media accounts that affiliated to us. The earliest it happens to have difficulties with the past issue. Must inform us as soon as possible, at least 40 days before your Arrival date to make arrangements with the Awesome Support Team …

If you decide to cancel any part of your package/expedition during the course of your stay you must notify us or our agents or Guides immediately, in writing explaining the reasons for the cancellation. In Remote areas as marine parks etc., it’s not easy to cancel during the trip unless it’s emergency that requires a rescue team to be contacted by our side and get as close to meet. For any other reasons, as must go for family member who is hospitalized etc., we will do our best to full fill your need but you must understand that we not entitled by any law to do make the arrangements in a remote area for your cancellation and you will be acknowledged of the cost of the arrangements before they are made confirm and you’ll be asked to sign a fee agreement that must be paid before your departure from our trip.

*In Case of Changing made by client after booking …

For all bookings with Awesome Red Sea, name changes and replacement, Liveaboards trip change to another, General change of package etc. are charged at 50 U.S $ per person additional to the add on you may require. Some service providers charge in excess of this and in these exceptional circumstances Awesome Red Sea reserves the right to increase this charge if it happened at most 4 weeks before your arrival date in Egypt and that if it possible to be done for your booked vacation with us. Changes made 12 weeks before arrival date in Egypt there are No charges if didn’t cost us any Revenue lost or heavy additional extra work …

Airlines may be subject to change. Such a change is not a minor change. For Example; if you going on a Liveaboards that going to sail to a remote area. It can be impossible to wait for you. Other examples of none minor changes include alteration of your outward/return flights by less or more than 6 hours, changes to aircraft type or change of arrival airport. Change of location where your transfer should pick you up from. You must Notify us by calling and e-mailing us as soon as possible to try to find a solution to your case. And we are not obliged to pay any refund or Extra expenses for your trip, If the delay happened by you. However; our Awesome Support Team will do their best to minimize your lost and find a solution or help with any claims that you want us to help you with for your insurance provider …

In Case of Unused Services by your side; No refund or compensation is payable by the company for any unused accommodation, diving, services or activities provided during the holiday. Clients, who do not complete a diving course for any reason, cannot be refunded for a portion or the remainder of the diving course. All our instructors are carefully selected and are long timer professional’s with credited experience in the red sea and abroad. That doesn’t mean in all cases, there are some exemptions   Example; someone had fever in the second day of the course, all the way till his/her last day of their vacation. At awesome red sea we put in consideration maximum care for our clients and doing our best for their satisfaction. In case like this, you can Finnish your course in your next vacation for no extra charge. Opposite Example; we can’t refund you if you don’t show up because your hang over or showing up drunk for your course …

*In Case we have to make a change to your trip agreement:

Unlikely that we will have to make any changes to your contracted arrangements, as we do plan the arrangements very well in advance. But; we afraid, that at any time we may have to make changes (for example, a port change may be necessary) and we reserve the right to do so at any time. Most of these changes will be minor and we will advise you, at the earliest possible date and find the suitable solutions for it that also may waiving any additional surcharges if it possible by our side and it will be treating the situation as force events.

If we make a major change before your arrival date, as example; changing the Liveaboards you are sailing on. We will notify you in writing and you can either have a refund of all monies paid or accept an offer of alternative travel arrangements of comparable or higher standard from us for the same value. If not available; any other offer on our web site you can choose from and we will compensate you the difference in price if it lowers then what you paid, additional to a 5% discount on the new package you’ll be choosing as compensation …

Unlikely happens, but we also reserve the right to cancel your travel arrangements in special cases. For example, if the minimum number of clients required for a particular travel arrangement is not reached and money not fully paid before your trip departure, we may have to cancel it and give you alternative options. However, we will endeavor not to cancel your travel arrangements, except for reasons of force Majeure or failure by you to pay the final balance.

If we make a major change to your holiday, we will inform you or your travel agent as soon as reasonably possible if there is time before your departure. You will have the choice of accepting the change of arrangements, accepting an offer of alternative travel arrangements from us if available or cancelling your booked holiday and receiving a refund for monies paid. In all cases, except where the major change arises due to reasons of forced events or force Majeure that out of our control.


Unless written below forced events appear:

1- Fuel, Supplements & Surcharges

Inflation, world economy struggles. These arise as a result of changes in fuel and other costs between the time we price Liveaboards diving holidays or other services and the time of booking or travel. These changes are beyond our control and we reserve the right to alter prices and introduce fuel supplements where changes in fuel costs occur, particularly in given the usage of diving vessels. The amount of supplement will vary depending on the length of the Liveaboards holiday or the activity provided. Any applicable fuel and supplement price rise will be shown separately in the price breakdown.

However; Awesome Red Sea as startup business wants to build trust worthy network Which makes Awesome Red Sea do a regular market price check and update promoted prices to avoid any surcharges on booked services after booking has been made, especially on short time as 4 to 6 weeks before arrival bookings and last-minute bookings, there are no surcharges are applied and owner prefer carry on the surcharges by himself, As his strategy. But however, circumstances that could exceed the fees over 5 % of your booking value, till maximum 10 % Awesome Red Sea will share with the clients the cost 50/50. Surcharges are subject to cancellation waiver conditions if applicable and have been APPROVED by Awesome Red Sea Owner …

For longer time bookings as 6 to more weeks before arrival date, Clients are notified by an e-mail from our side, if no answer back by a reply e-mail from your side in 48 hours, we consider a confirmation from your side of surcharges to be applied and paid at arrival in cash or you still can pay online if still some of your payment haven’t received by us yet. And please note; that bank fee’s or payment provider services fees are also will be paid by you. Always a confirmation by e-mailing us back will be appreciated from our side to keep for our records…

Please put in consideration that Exchange rates; can negatively effects costs of transfers, fuel charges, exceeding taxes, exceeding of permission fees for activities by authorities are all examples of additional surcharges that could become a pardon beyond our control and we reserve the right to impose surcharges, calculated as a breakdown to a percentage of the holiday cost that you have issued based on the written above policy description …

2-Force Majeure

The Company reserves the right to modify, delay and/or cancel diving arrangements or expedition, where the remoteness or inaccessibility of the diving destination, local custom, acts of God (fire, flood, earthquake, storm or other natural disaster), As well as war, political unrest and other hostilities regardless of whether war is declared or not, or other technical or mechanical difficulties that might cause unsafe, perilous and/or impracticable. Where adverse weather conditions prevail, making it dangerous or inadvisable for customers or the boat to go specific destination, the captain or the guide shall reserve the right to postpone the trip until more favorable conditions prevail. This may involve an adjustment to the itinerary, which may result in a cancellation of some dive sites or activity that you have booked or even entering a certain port or area and/or the re-sequencing of your designed route. Awesome Red Sea carries no Obligation for any kind of Refund. This is a rarely incident but Covid pandemic is enough example of a case of force Majeure.

However; Awesome Red Sea May give a future voucher discount up to 25 % depends on how bad is it the situation and how badly it could affect your joy during your trip. Or even full refund or change dates for free as happened with Corona Incident.

Awesome Red Sea always advice’s its clients to carry a good travel insurance plan, and we will provide you with any needed statement that will help you get a refund for these situations from your insurance provider at no cost from our side.

Awesome Red Sea reserves all the right to terminate your booking if not agreed on any presented solutions that might appear as stated in written statement above in force Majeure.

Important Note: The Company will refund all monies paid by the customer back to the Customer where Awesome Red Sea Company itself cancels a trip or a course, other than for reasons set out above. The Company shall not accept any financial responsibility for any itinerary changes or cancellations resulting from circumstances outside of the Company’s control, such as, but not limited to, those stated above.

Our commitment to you:

We are taking the responsibility and care in ensuring that your travel arrangements, which you book with us, are supplied as described within our contract with you. If as a result of our fault or that of our direct suppliers which resulted in any part of your travel arrangements is not provided as promised, after We investigating the situation. If fault come from our side, we will pay you an appropriate compensation if this has affected the enjoyment of your holiday…

We cannot accept liability in the following circumstances…

– If you or any member of your party is at fault.
– If the failure is the fault of someone else not connected with providing our services, a third party. 
– Any unusual or unexpected circumstances beyond our control, which we could not have avoided, even if we had used all possible care.
– Any participation in activities which are against our guidance or advice.
– Any event that the service supplier or we could not help, expect, or prevent.

Absolutely we will use our full energy to offer our assistance if you suffer difficulty whilst on holiday. If you, or any member of your party, suffer illness, personal injury or death, through no fault of ours or your own, during your holiday which may arises out of an activity, we will help you organize any claim you may have against anyone else. The extent of our assistance in this respect may include the provision of translation services, communicating with authorities and others that might be involve and recommending Egyptian law firm if this is appropriate. We may seek to recover from you any direct cost we incur in no our fault circumstances and it will be limited and must be approved by Awesome Red Sea Owner himself…

In Case of Major changes that could also arise during your trip as; Bad weather conditions, Authorities prohibiting entering specific area for safety reasons, mechanical failure etc.  Captain is the only one has the authority on board to decide the situation by law. Also, Compensation Voucher might be issued in some cases even that it’s out of our control…


We cannot be held liable for any loss of the duration of your stay and diving days as a result of incidences beyond our reasonable control.

We do make in consideration that all reasonable and proper steps to ensure that arrangements have been made for all diving services and other activities and that supplier of the various services are efficient, safe, and reputable and comply with the necessary local laws of the country and international and domestic diving or activity regulations. However, we cannot guarantee that these standards meet your expectations or your country safety standards.

You are obliged to sign a liability release before joining any activity with us and we always advice our clients to issue their travel and diving insurance before arrival.

DATA PROTECTION AND PRIVACY STATEMENT; Our web site is a SSL EU/US Secured banking cloud web site, however; to ensure maximum security we use invoice mailing through our pay pal payment gate way providers (Account name Awesome Red Sea) with an SSL certified EU/US secure payment gate way. In order to process your booking, and provide your holiday arrangements and to help us provide you with a more personal service, we need to collect certain personal details from you. These details will include, where applicable, the names and contact details of party members, (credit/debit card are collected by payment gate way providers only).  and as well as special requirements, such as those relating to any disability or medical condition, which may affect your chosen holiday arrangements or any dietary restrictions. If we need any other personal details, we will E-mail you by our mail address info@awesomeredsea.com only before we obtain them from you. We may disclose your given information to our service providers for the purpose of providing you with our services, including your flight details, tour details or insurance details etc. Only information necessary for this purpose will be disclosed to them. For flights, sailing, it may be a mandatory requirement (imposed on us by governments at the point of departure and/or designated destination) to disclose your information for security and anti-terrorism purposes, or any other purposes which they determine appropriate.

We may from time to time contact you by e-mail with information on offers for our activity interests, brochures, new tours or services, upcoming events or attractive valuable competitions to participate in. You may indicate your preference to also receive our direct marketing material for the above purposes by telephone or e-communications (e-mail, SMS, whats app) or on our website by using subscribe. Or to our staff at the time, you first supplied us your information.

Awesome Red Sea offers once it’s released. You have the right to ask in writing not to receive direct marketing material about our products by using our “unsubscribe e-mail” Button or by e-mailing us and we will take immediate steps to stop using your information in this way. You have the right to ask in writing what information we have collected about you from previous bookings and to correct any inaccuracies in your information free of charge.  We may use “cookies”. A cookie is a small piece of data sent from our web server to your computer and stored in a text file on your hard drive. Cookies allow us to identify your computer but not you personally. You can set your web browser to refuse cookies. We use cookies to measure site usage and related information.  Our website may contain links to other sites not controlled by us.  These sites may send you cookies and collect data and personal information. We are not responsible for the actions, content or the privacy policies of those websites to which our website may link. We collect information relating to customer trends and patterns. This information is often used in its aggregate form and it may disclose aggregate statistics about inquiries made, visitors, customers and sales in order to describe our services to prospective partners, purchasers, advertisers and other reputable third parties and for other lawful purposes. No personally identifying information is disclosed unless you permit it. To ensure that we carry out your instructions accurately. All monitored data are and shall remain our sole property and we have taken all reasonable steps to have in place appropriate security measures to protect your information. Awesome Red Sea Company is committed to protecting your privacy and this Privacy statement sets out what information we collect, how we collect it, and what we do with it. 

Awesome Red Sea

Awesome Red Sea Logo

Awesome Red Sea

As Awesome As It Can Get!

Year of built

2011, Under Complete Renovation, Ending 25 of March 2022


Marine Steel Hull , frame and 1st deck . Wooden Interior


38 meter


9. 40 meter


26 Guests and 2 Dive Guides

Guests Accommodation

13 Double Bed Cabins , All Sea View , each with bathroom (shower/WC)+1 For Dive Guides

Air condition

Central Air condition


1 x 100 kW Caterpillar, 1 x 105 Volvo


2 x Caterpillar each 865 HP


Life jackets/2 x Life rafts/Oxygen and First Aide kit / fire extinguishers in every cabin and in salons, firefighting and alarm system, smoke detectors /2 x Rafters each with 40 hp Yamaha out board engine.


1 x dive deck (shower/WC) with platform,
2 x sundeck (The fly deck with Jacuzzi/ Sauna/Massage)


A spacious salon and dining area, air conditioned with LCD TV corner (DVD and sound system) and bar area at the sun deck.


VHF Radio/Radar,/Echo Sounder.


Satellite Telephone, GPS Plotter, National and international Radio

Air Compressors

2 x Bauer Marine


20 Tonnage water Tanks
70 Tonnage Gas Tank
24 / 12 l aluminum-diving tanks DIN/INT

Safe set for B.B.Q and well equipped kitchen

Licensed For ALL

Marine Park Destinations

In The Red Sea